PEDA profile

The Local Association of Municipalities  of Attica (P.E.D.A)) is a union of 66 municipalities of the Attica region and the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. The union represents 4.5 million citizens, most of whom live in Athens, in the port city of Piraeus and on the coast of Attica.

The board of P.E.D.A consists of 25 members and the executive board consists of:

-The President Mr. Iraklis Gotsis, Mayor  of Nea Ionia

-The Vice President Mr. George Ioakimidis, Mayor Nikaia- Ag. I.Rendisi

-The General Secretary Mr. Nick Sarantis, Mayor Ag. Anargyron-Kamaterou.

The general Director of P.E.D.A. is Mr. Theodore Toundas, Architect-engineered

P.E.D.A. is an organization with administrative and scientific staff and has established permanent thematic committees consisting of Board members, Mayors,  municipal councillors which are scientifically and administratively supported  by the staff members.

P.E.D.A  is the trade, political, coordinating and supporting union of Municipalities of Attica and she produces many decision related to  political positions at the General Meetings.

P.E.D.A is also represented in the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE).

P.E.D.A maintains a dynamic relationship with the Ministry of Interior and other relevant ministries and she proposes studies and interventions related to local and regional development.

She has representatives on the Board of the Athens Organisation and on utilities and all Regional Committees.

She collaborates with scientific Institutes to develop studies and issues concerning  to the Local Government (NTUA – Panteion University – TEE – ITA – EETAA – PETA etc.) and she provides  information about OTA and technical, political, legal and moral support.

The majority of the municipalities belonging to P.E.D.A have implemented E.U. projects in the field of social policy, transnational cooperation, culture, environment, research and innovation.